Taraporewala Aquarium

Since I was a kid Taraporewala Aquarium has been the sole aquarium in the city of Mumbai, India. I read recently that there are much needed plans to modernise it with an underwater sea walk and glass vision. Although it definitely needs a major renovation it is worth a visit to get an idea of the sea world around the Arabian and Indian ocean. Without any work being done since the time it was built it has an old world charm. There are 100 species of marine and fresh water fish including seven types of coral fish from the Lakshadweep Islands. Attractions include sharks, turtles, rays, moray eels, sea turtles, small starfish and stingrays. Exhibits offer a glimpse of the variety of marine life in the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. There is also a room with fossils and preserved fish in bottles, along with rare sea shells.

Near Charni Road Railway Station, netaji Subhash Chandra, Kalbadevi, Charni Road East 

Tel: +91 22 2282 1239


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