Kids Fun Club

Kids’ Fun Club conducts a number of classes for kids that are art and craft based. They include Creative Crafts, Paper Passion, Story Reading, Board Games, Mother – Child Programs and Embroidery workshops. They also organize birthdays and corporate workshops. The aim of the club is to introduce young kids to fun-filled hobbies that will help them streamline their active energies and thoughts into more meaningful activities, thus improving the quality of their free time.

Kids Fun Club
Kids Fun Club

Contact Details:

Toral Shah,  Founder & Head Tutor, Kids’ Fun Club

Mobile Number: (+91) 9664255026

Payal Dalal, Head of Creativities & New Business, Kids’ Fun Club
Mobile Number: (+91) 9819719065

Address: 32 A, 11th Floor, Purab Apartment, Opp The Jain Temple, Ridge Road, Walkeshwar, Mumbai – 400006

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