INME, Outdoor Activities and Camps

Highly recommended outdoor programs for 9-17 year olds. INME (stands for Infinite Me) uses adventure, art and community to create powerful learning experiences. Participants choose from adventure activities like Rock Climbing, Wilderness Craft, White Water Rafting, Mountain Biking, the Ropes Course where they learn relevant skills for their level. Beyond adventure, participants explore new interests like Magic, Movie Making, Rifle Shooting, Theatre and Music. Above all, participants interact with each other and trained adults in a fun and safe environment to discover more about themselves and the world.

INME Mumbai
INME Mumbai

You can check the schedule of their camps and programs and register online on their website.

11, Shubh CHSL, K.D.Gaikwad Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai – 400080

Tel: 099 200 64414

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