Vedic Math Classes: MathMagic Memory Workshops, Navi Mumbai (Sunday, Jun 24 till Sunday, Jul 22, 2012)

The workshop methodology combines teaching effective, easy and quick math techniques that apply to everyday life and school study curriculums, in a friendly and interactive environment. This workshop is a mixture of fun, entertaining and learning activities, which are very useful to students in opening up their minds.

This is achieved by getting the student acquainted to the power of ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics, Rapid Math Solving Tricks and effective memory recall & retention technique which is very similar to the one adopted by the Dale Carnegie Foundation (USA). This technique will help a great deal in memorizing lists of things in a matter of seconds, with 100% accuracy.

The basic objectives of this workshop are:

  • to make the students comfortable in dealing with mathematical calculations
  • to overcome any fear towards math
  • to increasing their math solving skills with speed
  • to enhance their memory retaining power, thus increasing their overall confidence

Suitable for students : Grade V to X (Gr IV also, if good in math – Limited Batch Size)

Duration : 5 Days, 2½ Hours per Day (for both, Math Module & Memory Module)

Address:Mangal Krupa, A-36, 3rd Floor, Plot No. 46, Sector 12-B, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai – 400 709

Contact: Vivek Astunkar


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