Music Education Programs by Mehli Mehta Music Foundation (MMMF)

The Mehli Mehta Music Foundation (MMMF) is a not-for-profit organization that was established in 1995 to  promote western classical music through the presentation of high quality concerts and music education for children. The Foundation honours the late Mr. Mehli Mehta ( 1908 – 2002 ), father of the legendary conductor Zubin Mehta.

The foundation runs a number of interesting education programs for young children, including the following:

Discover Music

This Interactive Program introduces young children from the ages of 1 to 6 to the basic elements of music and musical instruments.

Singing Tree Choir

The five Singing Tree children’s choirs are the Foundation’s initiative to help children find their voices and discover the joy of making music in groups.

Instrument Classes

Becoming a musician starts with learning an instrument. The Foundation has a faculty of teachers who give individual and group lessons for various instruments and teach theory in groups.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy benefits everyone regardless of their level of musical skill, experience or interest in music. The Foundation has a qualified music therapist who conducts individual music therapy sessions with children and adults with special needs.

Classes for children from underprivileged backgrounds

MMMF believes that western classical music should be accessible and enjoyed by all. The Foundation organises free instrument and singing classes for children from low income families and economically challenged backgrounds.


The Foundation conducts outreach programmes in private and municipal schools.

Contact details:


Tel: 2382 3644 / 2380 1379


Timings: 10 am and 6 pm

B/2, Banoo Mansions
Cumballa Hill Road
Mumbai 400 026

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