KidsVita Edustation, Santacruz (West)

KidsVita is an educational program for children ages 2 to 12. They offer several exciting camps for children, taking place throughout the year. These camps include Music & Messy Art, Puppet Theatre Workshop and paper Kraft, among others.  They also offer classes for music, Speech, Drama & Theatre, Robotics, Yoga, Maths using the Montessorie way, and also have a Franchise for FasTracKids USA where they run enrichment classes which include general knowledge and skill development with the help of the latest technology like touch screen interactive board.Each camp that is offered is a great choice for parents looking to make the most of their child’s educational opportunities.

G1 Paradise Park, Anil Mehta Marg, Santacruz West Mumbai 400054

022-266 12004

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