Who Stole the Christmas Tree- CSI Forensic Workshop for kids

If your child loves a good mystery, IFO Forensic Experts have designed these workshops just for them and this is the place to be.The missionĀ  requires the junior investigators to learn about fingerprints, footwear evidence , CSI techniques and to conduct investigations , uncover important secrets, interrogate persons of interest and hunt for a suspect, which sounds pretty awesome.

Participants then attempt to solve the crime mystery using the techniques they have learned at the Workshop.

A fun-filled Forensic Workshop for the kids aged 6-8 years, to solve the case of the missing Christmas tree and find the culprits before Christmas!

Children will use investigative tools like fingerprints, footprints and much more to solve the case and save the Christmas tree!

Contact: Ms. Joulyn Kenny +91-9819288253