Fun Tangent – A workshop that combines Maths with Cricket, Angry Birds & More at Bandra (West) and other Western Suburbs

 Dinasim Learning runs various learning workshops designed for children from Grade V to Grade X who will learn new approaches to mathematics.
Their workshops are a unique endeavour by the Mumbai-based start-up firm to re-approach the much-feared subject of Mathematics and make it fun to learn. Using elements of popular culture, sports and even virtual games, the workshops will re-introduce various parts of the school’s existing curriculums for better understanding and assimilation.
With teaching modules and activities based upon exciting facets of cricket, football, basketball, darts and the uber-popular phenomenon Angry Birds, the workshops will help students build their base in the crucial subject and not just focus on scoring marks.

For more information, please contact:


Location: Bandra West,
Flat number 901, Moru Mahal, Pali, Bandra(west) Mumbai-400 050
Time: 9 am to 11 am.
Batch I: Grade V to Grade VII
Batch II: Grade VIII to Grade X
Workshop inclusions: 4 modules: 4 sessions, 1 assessment, 1 counseling session
Cost: INR 2500/-

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