Children’s Day Out @ Elephanta Caves! 29th Oct, 8.30am

Get set for an exciting ferry ride and unravel the mysteries on the island. You will discover how Elephanta got its name, walk around to see how a small island was once the capital city of a dynasty, explore the temples inside the caves, trek upto Cannon Hill to see the cannons used by the British and discover the village on the island. You will snack together, drink together and have lots of fun. So  wear your caps and sun-glasses and get back to the road of discovery and fun!! The Walk will be supervised by members of the Travel-Logs team.

Rs. 1000 per child and Rs. 1500 for adults.

@ 9867350005/9930999748

This is inclusive of all charges like ferry, taxes etc. and light refreshments.
Age: 7 years and above.  Expected return by 2pm at Gateway of India.

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