Workshops for children (8-13 years), focusing on art, craft and design – Kala Ghoda, 26 April – 23 May

  • Create Connect Communicate, workshops for children aged 8-13 at ARTISANS’ from 26 April-23 May 2014.
  • List of workshop facilitators include: Jatan Atara, Amy Billimoria, Debjani Datta, Kabir Datta, Datta Padekar, Errol Pires, Gayatri Rao, Chetan Sharma, Sonie Thakkar, and Kavita Thakur.
  • All workshops require prior registration and payment. Each workshop costs           Rs. 2800/- and is conducted over 2 days. Registration numbers: 022 22 673040 /+91 98201 45397.
  • Morning sessions start at 11am-1pm and afternoon sessions start at 2pm-4pm.
  • Children are required to bring materials for certain workshops, contact ARTISANS’ for details or click Dropbox link for full schedule.

For further information, please contact:

ARTISANS’ 52-56 Dr V.B. Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

Tel 022-22673040 / 9820145397


Schedule of workshops

Saturday 26 and Sunday 27: Snap out of the Ordinary: A Neighbourhood Photo Walk
Look beyond the ordinary! Snap extraordinary images of places, people or everyday things in this engaging photo walk around a neighbourhood. Then turn it into a poster and share.

Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30:  Braids, Baubles and Beads: Create Your Own Bracelet
Have fun with fibre and learn ‘Ply-Split Braiding’ and other techniques to create unique bracelets adding.
beads and decorative accents.
Thursday 1 and Friday 2: Create a Digital Collage and Print your Masterpiece
Layer motifs, textures, patterns, and original art to create digital designs all your own. Explore making greeting cards, gift-wraps, t-shirts, and mugs for unique gifts.

Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 Crack the Code: Create a Secret Message
For the budding detective or spy! Learn about codes and ciphers, from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, to the present day. Create your own code for a secret message.

Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 Bring to Life your ‘Toon Town’: Create Cartoon Characters and Tell Your Own Story
Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pooh are loved the world over. Ever wanted to create a cartoon character of your own, and write an action-packed adventure story? If yes, this workshop is for you!

Thursday 8 and Friday 9 Characterful Calligraphy: Create your own Alphabet
Learn the ancient art of calligraphy, and hand-lettering to create an expressive alphabet. See fonts as a form of communication, and design a poster.

Saturday 10 and Sunday 11: Style Trek Accessorize! Fashion your own Look and Model it on a Ramp
Be a showstopper! This unique workshop introduces elements of fashion, ending with an actual ramp walk.

Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 Feet of Clay: Create a Cast of Colourful Characters in Clay
Learn to create clay characters and explore storytelling through the eyes of your characters. You are only a step away from Claymation!
Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 Make Masks: Express yourself through Colourful Masks
Using photography as a basis to create masks, exploring emotions through colour, form, and collage.
Thursday 22 and Friday 23 Braids, Baubles and Beads: Create Your own Bracelet
Have fun with fibre and learn ‘Ply-Split Braiding’ and other techniques to create unique bracelets adding.
beads and decorative accents.


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