Hamley’s Workshop for kids, April 10 -12, Malad, Free of Cost




Hamleys known world over for its skills and capabilities of creating a store experience which is unique, trains its staff to deliver these fantastic experiences that kids can take home. This makes Hamleys not just another toy store but also as a fun, engaging destination for your kids to engage in some summer fun!

A child creativity knows no bounds, so this summer help your child unleash their imagination with ‘The Finest Toy Shop in the World’, Hamleys’ – ‘Get Creative’ workshops in your city.

The Hamleys ‘Get Creative’ summer initiative presents kids with short creative theme based workshops intertwined with great learning experiences. All this in a child friendly and safe environment of Hamleys stores across India. Our trained personnel will ensure each and every kid is engaged and more importantly having fun while learning!

The workshop is aimed to provide a hands-on experience of the Arts and Craft range to kids and these will be conducted across all 12 stores of Hamleys spread across 7 cities in India, participation in these workshops is free of cost.

  • THU – 9-Apr at 6 PM – Mystical Underwater World through Paper Quilling
  • FRI – 10-Apr at 6 PM – Amazing Archaeology
  • SAT – 11-Apr at 3 PM – Mystical Underwater World through Paper Quilling
  • SUN – 12-Apr at 3 PM – Amazing Archaeology

So let your child’s summer fun begin with Hamleys ‘Get Creative’ Workshops, join us with your 5+ year olds from April 9 -12 to go on a mystical underwater tour and study fossils of Dinosaurs.

The first of the ‘Get Creative’ Workshop will be held at Hamleys – Infinity Mall, Malad in Mumbai and the theme of the Workshop revolves around Marine life and Archaeology.

  • Mystical Underwater World through Paper Quilling – The depths of the ocean hold many a mystical creatures and their unique ways of living. Learn about some of their lives through the creative art of paper quilling by rolling colourful strips of paper to take the shapes of these underwater life forms
  • Amazing Archaeology – Your chance to go back in time where Hamleys will try and provide you a Jurassic Park like experience. Become an archaeologist for one day and explore the study of fossils and learn about the first inhabitants of planet Earth – The Mighty Dinosaurs!

Registrations are free, on a first come, first serve basis, for a maximum of 20 kids per workshop, as per the schedule below. To register please call 022 4014 4191 and share your child’s name, age, contact details and work shop preference from the below:

hamlesys get creative


Storytelling Workshop by Nilum Jajodia for children, Fort, April 16th

Stories are what brings a lesson to life, makes a difficult concept easier to understand and helps children to remember sequences of events. Storytelling can be the imaginative reading aloud of printed stories or the telling of stories from memory. Sharing stories has great social and educational benefits for children and the storyteller too.

Storytelling: “Rumble-tumble twist & fall”     11:00am to 12:30pm, April 16, Age Group 5 – 8 years, Rs 500
What’s this “Rumble-tumble twist & fall” all about? It’s about stories — stories that are fun. In this session the children will help the storyteller Nilum Jajodia to create stories that are action packed and entertaining. A fun filled session of stories, songs games and even more stories. Besides, some fun craft activity to make something that you can take home!

Storytelling: Trickster tales from Ghana in West Africa   2:00pm to 3:30pm, April 16, Age Group 5 – 8 years, Rs 500
Anansi the Spider (who is half man-half spider) is one of the great folk heroes of the world. A character from the Ashanti story traditions of Ghana, he is a trickster, a rogue, a mischief maker and a wise, lovable creature who triumphs over larger foes. The workshop will suggest to children what “being good” may mean. Storyteller Nilum Jajodia will weave a world of fantasy with short stories, anecdotes, crafts and games where all will get an opportunity to participate in creating stories.
About Nilum Jajodia
Nilum Jajodia is a professionally  trained storyteller. She has been telling stories to children for over a decade. She is also an experienced teacher and the Principal of a pre-primary school. She also tells stories in bookshops, schools and NGOs connected with children and to people with special needs. At learning ladder she will be taking two session with children as mentioned below
For registrations and more details write to us at cometmediafdn@gmail.com or call us on + 91 90110 30055.


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