About the Blog

365MumbaiKids was started with the objective of listing 365 things for kids to do in Mumbai. After having lived abroad for many years where there is loads of information available on what to do with kids, we realised that something similar was needed for Mumbai.

The blog plans to act as a one stop shop for parents, expats, tourists, returning NRIs and anyone else who wants to find out what to do, where to go, what to show, where to eat with kids.  The blog is divided into the following sections:

1) Activity Classes & Workshops

2) Art, Craft, Dance & Music

3) Birthday Parties

4) Events

5) Historic

6) Parks, Camps & Nature

7) Science

8) Sports

You can also click on the Location tab under Categories to review the activities in your area.  For regular updates on new postings enter your email in the Follow Me section.

Also, please feel share to send us your suggestions, ideas and list of places you would like to see added to the blog to help us reach our target of 365! Reach out to us at contact@365mumbaikids.com or by filling up the form on the Contact Us page.

For all our events listed on the website, please get in touch with the event vendor directly. We do not take any responsibility for any misrepresentation or incorrect information provided by the vendors. We are also not responsible for issues, disputes or monetary loss arising due to the information provided on this blog.

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