19th June, 11:00 am, ‘Time Travel’ for the young Travel-Loggers, Nehru Centre, Worli

Let’s discover how India got to where it is today! Right from shaking hands with the earliest man, to the Mughal courts to seeing the bloodshed during the independence struggle, come and see history coming alive as we take you through the key aspects of India’s journey through the ages. Starting from 10,000 years ago, witness how India and Indians have evolved over the centuries: myriad cultures, philosophies, people and architectures! So parents and children – discover India in a new light, with Travel-Logs!


Rs. 750/child. Rs. 850/adult. Light refreshments included. Duration: 2 hours, Meeting point – Nehru Centre, Worli

To register for any of these walks, call @ +91 8425830004/+91 8425830006 or email  at dhiresh.sharma@travel-logs.co.in ornitika.khanna@travel-logs.in.

Gateway of India


When one of my friends who was visiting from the US called me last night asking that they wanted to show their kids who are 8 and 10 something historic, the first thing that came to my mind was the Gateway. Living in the city, we take the Gateway for granted but it can be a fun place to take the kids to. Try making them feed the pigeons or enjoy the view of the sea. Don’t forget to show them the stunning Taj Mahal hotel and if you feel like it walk done the Causeway. Definitely go in the day and not in the night and feel free to step into the Taj lobby to cool down if the heat gets to you 🙂