Evershine Dream Park, Kandivali (East)

Commonly called Children’s Park, these lush greens are filled with a number of exciting attractions for children of all ages. A huge playground features a working train running through it, as well as many other items to keep the little ones entertained. In addition Evershine Dream Park offers rides and a food court. Its very popular with the local crowd and is quite crowded on … Continue reading Evershine Dream Park, Kandivali (East)

Rainstorming Workshop

Erika Cunha runs science workshops for kids aged between three to six during the monsoons. Her workshops aim to develop descriptive vocabulary and general knowledge and improve eye-hand coordination and motor skills.Children get to create exciting desert landscapes, mould creatures of the Savannah, discuss the effects of too little or too much rain and trace the path rainwater takes from open fall to pipes in … Continue reading Rainstorming Workshop

Hide Out Farm, Outskirts of Mumbai

Hide Out is an organic farm run by husband and wife due of Hemant and Sangeet Chhabra. The farm is located around 2 hours away from Mumbai in Jhadpoli. In addition to being a haven where city folks escape to in order to connect with nature, the farm also runs camps for young children. They can indulge in activities such as plucking fruits from trees, … Continue reading Hide Out Farm, Outskirts of Mumbai