Visit to Mahatma Gandhi’s Life @ Mani Bhavan, 14 Dec,

Calling out to our ‘Young Explorers’ for a peek into MK Gandhi & His Life@ Mani Bhavan! We have studied about India’s independence ….now it’s time we actually see it come alive at Mani Bhavan, which was not only the residence of Mahatma Gandhi but also the venue for landmark protest movements. The Charkha (spinning wheel), the Swadeshi movement, Non-Co-operation and Satyagraha, Home Rule and … Continue reading Visit to Mahatma Gandhi’s Life @ Mani Bhavan, 14 Dec,

Nature Trails Resorts (Near Mumbai)

Nature Trails Resorts have resorts all over Maharashtra and a few around 2 to 2.5 Hours drive from the city.  Spread over 35 acres they organise children’s activity camps. They organise activity camps like social service camp, nature clubs, hill walking, winter camps, summer camps, geographical field trip, scout and guide camps. They have been around for 18 years and have provided the nature trails experience … Continue reading Nature Trails Resorts (Near Mumbai)

Blue Bulb Activities for Kids

Blue Bulb offers a range of activities for kids from the standard stuff such as learning magic tricks, rock climbing, archery lessons,designing your own t-shirts and golf lessons to exotic things like Glow Poi a Maorian form of combat training from New Zealand. Its a good addition to the city and provides an avenue to teach kids activities they would normally not get too learn. … Continue reading Blue Bulb Activities for Kids