19th June, 11:00 am, ‘Time Travel’ for the young Travel-Loggers, Nehru Centre, Worli

Let’s discover how India got to where it is today! Right from shaking hands with the earliest man, to the Mughal courts to seeing the bloodshed during the independence struggle, come and see history coming alive as we take you through the key aspects of India’s journey through the ages. Starting from 10,000 years ago, witness how India and Indians have evolved over the centuries: myriad cultures, philosophies, people and architectures! So parents and children – discover India in a new light, with Travel-Logs!


Rs. 750/child. Rs. 850/adult. Light refreshments included. Duration: 2 hours, Meeting point – Nehru Centre, Worli

To register for any of these walks, call @ +91 8425830004/+91 8425830006 or email  at dhiresh.sharma@travel-logs.co.in ornitika.khanna@travel-logs.in.

Calling out to our ‘Young Explorers’ for a peek into MK Gandhi & His Life at Mani Bhavan, 20th Oct, 2013, 11:45 am – 1.15 pm

We have studied about India’s independence ….now it’s time we actually see it come alive at Mani Bhavan, which was not only the residence of Mahatma Gandhi but also the venue for landmark protest movements. The Charkha (spinning wheel), the Swadeshi movement, Non-Co-operation and Satyagraha, Home Rule and much more…Mani Bhavan is a “Must-See”!

Step out to rediscover Mumbai in a new light with Travel-Logs! Explore. Imagine. Discover.

@ 9867350005/9930999748

Rs. 750/child. Rs. 850/ adult

Duration: 90 minutes

Time: 11:45 am -1:15 pm


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